antimony potassium tartrate

antimony potassium tartrate
антимонилкалиевая соль винной кислоты
антимонил-тартрат кали
антимонил-тартрат калия
виннокислый антимонил-калий

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  • antimony potassium tartrate — n. TARTAR EMETIC: also antimonyl potassium tartrate …   English World dictionary

  • antimony potassium tartrate — n TARTAR EMETIC * * * [USP] a trivalent antimony compound used as an antischistosomal, especially for treatment of Schistosoma japonicum infections, administered intravenously; now rarely used because of its toxicity …   Medical dictionary

  • antimony potassium tartrate — noun a poisonous colorless salt used as a mordant and in medicine • Syn: ↑tartar emetic • Hypernyms: ↑mordant, ↑tartrate * * * noun : tartar emetic * * * Chem. See tar …   Useful english dictionary

  • antimony potassium tartrate — Chem. See tartar emetic. Also, antimonyl potassium tartrate. * * * …   Universalium

  • antimony sodium tartrate — [USP] a trivalent antimony compound having the same actions and uses as the potassium tartrate but more water soluble and less irritant when injected; now rarely used because of its toxicity …   Medical dictionary

  • Potassium tartrate — IUPAC name Dipotassium 2,3 dihydroxybutanedioate …   Wikipedia

  • Antimony — This article is about the element. For the town, see Antimony, Utah. Not to be confused with Antinomy, a type of paradox. tin ← antimony → tellurium As ↑ Sb ↓ Bi …   Wikipedia

  • antimony — A metallic element, atomic no. 51, atomic wt. 121.757, valences 0, −3, +3, +5; used in alloys; toxic and irritating to the skin and mucous membranes. SYN: stibium. [G. anti + monos, not found alone] a. chloride SYN: a. trichloride. a. di …   Medical dictionary

  • Potassium — The major positive ion (cation) found inside of cells. The chemical notation for potassium is K+. The proper level of potassium is essential for normal cell function. An abnormal increase of potassium (hyperkalemia) or decrease of potassium… …   Medical dictionary

  • antimony poisoning —       harmful effects upon body tissues and functions of ingesting or inhaling certain compounds of antimony. Such poisoning resembles arsenic poisoning.       Antimony poisoning has resulted from drinking acidic fruit juices containing antimony… …   Universalium

  • tartaric acid — Chem. an organic compound, C4H6O6, existing in four isomeric forms, the common or dextrorotatory isomer being a white, crystalline, water soluble powder or transparent crystals: used in effervescent beverages, baking powders, confections,… …   Universalium

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